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AppSoftPro AV© Administration section allows you to set up and maintain the system. This section contains:

  • System Setup
  • System Settings
  • Forms
  • Data Import
  • Activity Log
  • Employees
  • Time Clock Report
System SetupSet company information, licensing, tax information, company charge rates and fees, return to service statements
System SettingsSet units of measure, terms, departments, inventory conditions, inventory categories, discrepancy categories, work order work phase and services
FormsAllows the user to upload pre-designed forms and reports
Activity LogShows all activity in the system and which screen it was done in.
EmployeesAllows the user to add/view/de-activate/re-activate or delete employees.
Time Clock ReportAllows user to create a time clock report for employees, including the Latitude and Longitude the employee was located at the time of clocking in or out.