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Quality and Safety

AppSoftPro AV© Quality and Safety section allows the user access to the following items:

  • Capabilities
  • Tools
  • Warranty Dispositions
  • Equipment
  • Documents
  • Training Module
  • Assign Courses
CapabilitiesThis section allows you to add your capabilities to the system, to create a work order in the system, you will need to add that part/aircraft to the capabilities list first.
ToolsThis section allows you to add your company's tools to the system, both calibrated and non-calibrated tools. This allows the user to assign those tools to a discrepancy in the work order.
Warranty DispositionIf a work order discrepancy is marked as a warranty item the warranty disposition is created in the system to allow the user to track that warranty item.
EquipmentThis section allows you to add and track the company's equipment and equipment maintenance.
DocumentsThis section allows you to add your facility's repair documents to the system so that the technician may access that documentation from within the application.
Training ModuleThis section allows the user to add the facility's classes and courses to the system that the employees must have for training.
Assign CoursesThis section allows user to assign courses to employees that are required for employee training.